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    All parents and students must acknowledge that they have received and read the Student Handbook.  The acknowledgement form can be found on page 49 of the Handbook.
    2014-2015 SMCA Student Handbook

    Classweb- Classweb is used by classroom teachers to communicate course information such as syllabi, homework assignments, quizzes/tests, etc.  Classweb also allows students to submit assignments electronically if requested by the instructor, as well as other interactive content such as blogs, forums, online tests, etc.

    PowerSchool - Academic portal for teacher and student/parent communication.  PowerSchool provides course and assignment grades, attendance information,  course requests, schedules, and service hours completed.

    MealTime Online- Mealtime Online is the Dining Hall system that allows prepaying student accounts and tracking student purchases and account balances.

    MBS Bookstore- Buy and sell your textbooks online.

    Google Mail for SMCA Students - SMCA mail sign in page for SMCA students.

    Naviance - The college advising portal. 
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