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Summer School Course Descriptions
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Summer School will be held June 4th - June 27th 
8 AM - 4 PM Monday through Thursday

Required books may be purchased through MBS Direct beginning May 18, 2013.
Bridge to Algebra
Prerequisite:  Incoming 9th Grader

The goal of this course is to review fundamental mathematical concepts and to develop the skills needed to complete Algebra I.  The course covers the order of operations in mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as whole and fractional exponents). These operations will then be used on whole signed numbers, fractions, as well as numbers with decimals. The fundamental properties of mathematics will be reviewed as well as learning the conversion of units. All of these mathematical concepts, ideas, and skills will be related to real-world examples whenever possible.

Algebra I Prep

The goal of this course is to strengthen learned Algebra skills. Algebra foundation skills are essential to being successful in higher-level mathematics courses at SMCA. If a student does not demonstrate proficiency skills in Algebra on the SMCA mathematics placement exam, the student will be placed in Algebra I as a 9th grader.  Successful completion of the Algebra Skills Builder course and demonstration of improved proficiency skills on a placement exam during the summer may allow the student to be placed in Geometry.  

9th Grade English Prep
Prerequisite:  Incoming 9th Grader

The 9th Grade English Prep class gives an overview of the skills needed for effective reading and writing at the high school level. Students will read and analyze one of the freshman summer reading novels and write two papers over the four weeks of the course. Work in class will focus on developing valuable critical reading skills, techniques for retaining information, and writing skills such as sentence structure, paragraph construction, grammar, clarity of expression and literary analysis. Students who complete the class will be well-prepared for the transition from middle school English to the rigors and demands of the SMCA English curriculum. 

Spanish Skills Builder

This course will be offered to students who wish to be placed into Spanish II, but have not passed the Placement Test.  Students will review the vocabulary and verb tenses that are expected for students enrolled in Spanish II.   Students will be given a Placement Test after completing this course to determine whether they will be placed in Spanish I or Spanish II for the following school year.   Students who are placed into Spanish II will be awarded credit for successful completion of Spanish I.  

English Remediation
Credit Earned: .5 or 1.0
Failed SMCA English Course

The English remediation course is individually designed by the student’s English teacher and is customized to the specific needs of the student. Each individual course of study will be constructed in a series of units designed around reading, writing, vocabulary and research. The student’s grade will not be factored in the cumulative GPA. This is a required course for students failing English at SMCA.  

Communication Applications - 2660
Credit Earned: .5
Prerequisite: None

Students who enroll in Communication Applications will be expected to develop communication skills necessary for social and professional interaction. Rapidly expanding technologies and changing social and corporate systems demand that students send clear verbal messages, choose effective nonverbal behaviors, listen for desired results, and apply valid critical-thinking and problem solving processes. Students will be expected to learn and understand the nature and levels of the communication process including such topics as language, nonverbal messages, listening, interpersonal and group dynamics, interviewing, managing conflicts, media literacy, functioning as a leader, preparing and presenting a variety of presentations. The expectation is that by the end of the semester, the student should be able to understand the various aspects of the communication process and have demonstrated skills in making and evaluating presentations.

Health - 2801
Credit Earned: .5
Prerequisite: None

Using a wellness approach, this course focuses on the major health concerns of adolescents, such as emotional health and environment, sexuality and human reproduction, personal health habits and social responsibility, alcohol and drugs, maintaining physical fitness, and nutrition.

Theology IV – Philosophical Foundation for Theology - 2047
Credit Earned: .5
Prerequisite: Senior Standing

This course will employ an historical approach to the study of Philosophy, with special attention to the critical role Philosophy has played for understanding Theology. This proves true for the Theology of the Church Fathers with the influence of Plato and Aristotle, long before Aquinas incorporated each in a sort of “middle way.” We will see that the most prominent and traditional Theologians engaged the Philosophers of their time. The same holds true today. Course goals are twofold. First, we will see the historical intimacy between Philosophy and Theology, as well as where the two part ways depending upon the presuppositions of the thinker. Second, we will see philosophy as “the love of wisdom” and, as Socrates said, “a preparation for death.” The text for this course, Sophie’s World, tackles the historical patterns in Philosophy while maintaining a narrative arc and character. A sympathetic character is easier to engage for young students new to Philosophy as opposed to strict theory in isolation. Senior students may take either World Religions or Philosophical Foundation for Theology to satisfy the St. Michael’s Theology graduation requirement.
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